OPEN CAMPUS November 2015


The biodiversity and biocomplexity unit participated in OIST’s November 8th 2015 Open Campus and set up a booth to exhibit the “Wonders of Ants”.
Displays ranged from live ant specimens to pinned ant specimen that could be viewed under a microscope to stereographic ant images that becomes 3D with proper glasses. A novel aspect in this year’s event include a slam trap display, which is meant to demonstrate to the public a method we use to collect ants which is also the main method being used to collect insects for the OKEON project. Two 3D printed ants along with the original specimens from which they were made were also exhibited. It was a successful event once again.


After months of development by Evan, Julia Janicki, Benoit Guenard, Nitish Narula, and Matt Ziegler, we are very pleased to introduce AntMaps.orgScreen Shot 2015-07-10 at 3.50.19 PM! AntMaps is an interactive web framework for mapping ant species ranges and aggregate biodiversity patterns. In particular, AntMaps is built to visualize and interact with the GABI database, currently consisting 1.6 million records of ant data. GABI is, to our knowledge, the first comprehensive global biodiversity dataset for any insect group. We hope that by providing a gateway to GABI, AntMaps will be an efficient and useful tool for amateur and professional myrmecologists, and also help us root out problems with the database. We’d love to hear your feedback.