After months of development by Evan, Julia Janicki, Benoit Guenard, Nitish Narula, and Matt Ziegler, we are very pleased to introduce AntMaps.orgScreen Shot 2015-07-10 at 3.50.19 PM! AntMaps is an interactive web framework for mapping ant species ranges and aggregate biodiversity patterns. In particular, AntMaps is built to visualize and interact with the GABI database, currently consisting 1.6 million records of ant data. GABI is, to our knowledge, the first comprehensive global biodiversity dataset for any insect group. We hope that by providing a gateway to GABI, AntMaps will be an efficient and useful tool for amateur and professional myrmecologists, and also help us root out problems with the database. We’d love to hear your feedback.

New Island Biogeography Paper

New paper in Global Ecology & Biogeography with Kostas Triantis, Robert Ricklefs, and François Guilhaumon finds a surprising invariance in the slopes of species-area relationships across disparate taxa on oceanic archipelagoes. We developed a novel method to infer whether colonization, extinction, or speciation are likely responsible for the scaling patterns.

Two new papers on tropical Chinese ant biodiversity

Aenictus yangiCong has two new papers out so far this year! The first paper describes a new species, Aenictus yangi in the Journal of Hymenoptera Research. The other paper, in Zookeys, reports new records of ant species encountered in Yunnan, China. Both papers are coming from the field expedition to the Xingshuabanna area that Cong, Benoit Guenard, and Benjamin Blanchard made recently. They found 25 species previously unrecorded in Yunnan in addition to many new species (including, of course, Bannapone). Nice work, Cong!